Did You Know?

In our center, we often discuss—with our patients and amongst the staff– the myths and misconceptions people have around relationships and sexuality.  But it’s hard to be aware of it, because you don’t know what you don’t know. And with the abundance of inaccurate sexual information all over the place, it’s difficult to get the real picture.

A common “reality check” here happens around the concept of orgasm. Some people think that orgasms are extremely loud, dramatic, happen easily from intercourse, and are just so overpowering that in the process you may be inclined to throw the lamp that’s next to your bed. Could you imagine what the world would be like if that’s how all women had orgasms? Imagine walking down the street, especially a city block.

Sometimes women struggle with having an orgasm. But sometimes women are, in fact, having orgasms but they are struggling with anxiety as to whether their experience is normal.  And that anxiety about whether they are normal has a way of raining on the parade of potential pleasure.  But because orgasm is so personal and nuanced—I find that for many women it’s more vulnerable than intercourse—finding support and guidance can be very daunting. 

What you read shapes what you believe and know, and what you feel, expect, and enjoy. If you’re reading this, I’m happy, because around here we tell the truth about sexual functioning. 

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