A first appointment should last between 60 and 90 minutes, and will include the following: 

Psycho-sexual History

A sexuality counselor will take a complete psycho-sexual history and ask many detailed questions about your sex life. This may be uncomfortable for some and easy for others. Most patients report that it is much easier and more comfortable than expected. Some even feel a true sense of relief in this phase of the visit, particularly for those who have not been able to discuss these issues with a partner.

Medical History

A Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant will conduct a medical exam similar to elements in a gynecological exam. She may draw blood in order to evaluate your hormone levels or conduct other tests as necessary.

Both will focus on female sexual health.

At Maze we are all non-judgmental regarding sexuality practices — provided they do not cause unwanted harm to yourself or others. We are very sex-positive and feel everyone is entitled to a great sex life.

Sexual Problems are Common

During the initial intake, we’ve heard from numerous women that they have held onto our phone number or our brochure for years, but just made the call now. The relief they express after hearing about our diagnoses and proposed treatments is tremendous, along with regret that they did not take action sooner.

At Maze, we’ve treated thousands of women with sexual health issues. Read our patient reviews and testimonials to see how we have helped them.