Improve your sex life.

In our 25 years of practice, we’ve culled through hundreds of products, worked with thousands of patients and answered many, many questions. Through this process we have developed our own list of the most helpful, effective products on the market for women interested in improving their sex lives and we are happy to make this information available to you.

Also, check out our recommended products for men!


Did you know that 95% of women can have an orgasm from a vibrator, while only 30% can have an orgasm from intercourse alone? Free E-Book

“How to Choose a Vibrator” Free Video Series


Vaginal dilators are used to relax, stretch, and retrain tight vaginal muscles to respond differently to the anticipation of penetration. Learn More


Whether you experience pain or you’re curious about the different kinds of lubricants out there (and there are a lot!) this Lubricant Guide is for you.

Spice Up the Bedroom

You think your problem may be that you are just plain bored. Or maybe you don’t have a problem; you just want to add something new or fun to your sex life! Learn More


This just may be our favorite part of the website. We love books, and we think that they can be incredibly helpful and informative. We are lucky that today so many books are available on such a wide range of sexual issues. There are books on how to have an orgasm, how to make love to your partner, how to talk to your children about sex, how to have sex on a swing. There are erotic books and videos for every taste and style.

That’s the good news. The bad news is some of them aren’t very good. Lucky for you, we have done much of the hard work for you. Between us, we’ve probably read 1,000 books on sex, and from that we’ve culled the ones we love best and have provided real and honest descriptions of them so you can make a more informed decision.

Sexual Health Books

Sometimes solving a problem doesn’t require a visit to your local professional. Instead, it just requires access to a bit more information and in that case, you’ve come to the right place. Visit Library

Difficulty With Orgasm Books

There is a direct correlation between ability to experience orgasm and sexual satisfaction. The good news is that, no matter your situation, there are resources that can help. Visit Library

Vaginismum/Pain Books

Vaginismus is a condition where there is involuntary tightness of the vagina during attempted intercourse. Our list of books covers a wide range of disorders — including pelvic pain, prostatitis, discomfort during sex — as well as natural cures and self-treatment guides. Visit Library

Low Libido Books

Low sex drive, or low libido can affect so many elements of your life — your relationship, your self-esteem, your interest in dating. Here are some resources to help you increase your libido and get your sex drive back. Visit Library

Hormone Books

We all know hormones influence our sexual functions and desire. But did you know that hormones could also affect your mood, appetite, sleep patterns, memory and general mental health? Here’s a reading list that can help make sure you have the right amounts of the right kinds of hormones. Visit Library

Sex Education Books for Parents

Talking to children about sexual health and their changing bodies can be awkward, but it doesn’t have to be! The right book can make all the difference. Download our list of recommended books for parents and children so you can approach the conversation with confidence.

Menopause Books

Menopause can be a time of significant changes, physical as well as psychological and emotional. Our menopause books may help you weather these changes more easily. Visit Library

Fantasy and Eroticism Books

Fantasies. Why do we have them and what role do they play in our sexuality? Are there ways to use them effectively in our own sex lives? Our reading list includes titles that help reveal what our fantasy worlds reveal about us. Visit Library

Relationship Books

Our relationship books examine love as a behavior, as well as an emotion, and help us to understand that love is a language we and our partners need to learn for building stronger, more fulfilling connections with the people they love. Visit Library

Affairs Books

Two titles on the subject provide a framework for understanding the ins and outs of love, identity and the emotional journey a couple experiences after an affair. They offer a window into our personal and cultural attitudes about love, lust and commitment and cover steps that can be taken to begin the healing process. Visit Library

Sexual Trauma Books

These books offer hope to women with childhood sexual trauma histories, and to those who care about them. Through moving first-person stories, clear explanations and practical suggestions, we discover a path toward the healing process. Visit Library

Oral Sex Books

“She Comes First” and “The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio” — two books that cover the gamut of oral pleasure for both men and women, offering points on female anatomy and sexual pleasure as well as technique and trust building tips. Visit Library


Suggesting erotica, whether written, oral or visual is always a risky business. What one woman finds arousing or exciting another finds laughable, boring or over the top. We are all so individual in our sexual fantasies and likes and dislikes, so we’ve provided an extensive list of titles. Visit Library

Last updated: June 2023