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it's not just in your head

You don’t have to live without a fulfilling sex life just because you’ve had a baby, passed through menopause or grown up with doubts about sex. At Maze, we believe that a satisfying sex life can be yours.

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Clinical Director, Bat Sheva Marcus, talks about female sexuality health issues, what to expect from visiting Maze Women's Sexual Health, and how she and her team of women's sexual health experts can help you.


Pelvic-Floor Therapy

As a professional working in the field of women’s sexual health at Maze, I wondered what impact the abuse perpetrated by Larry Nassar on USA…

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A Shot for Orgasms?

We have recently started a new treatment at Maze, and are seeing great results. The O-Shot, or "orgasm shot," works by using your own blood…

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May is Pelvic Pain Awareness Month

 Last year, the International Pelvic Pain Society designated May "Pelvic Pain Awareness Month". Spreading this awareness and education about pelvic pain means a lot to…

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A Thank You to Our Patients

We have been taught to say thank you since we were able to talk. For some of us it’s not an easy thing to say…

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Why We Need to Avoid ‘Sexual Risk Avoidance’

What even is “Sexual Risk Avoidance?”  Abstinence-only promoters are getting sneaky.  They have now termed the phrase “Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA)” education, to replace “Abstinence…

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Peri-What? Or.. What is Peri-menopause and How is it Different from Menopause?

Menopause is the time in a women’s life when the ovaries cease to function. It is an actual process, rather than something that just happens…

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  • “From the time that I called Maze for an appointment up to the last day of my treatment, I never felt uncomfortable.”

    PR, age 26

  • “At Maze, they discovered very quickly that the birth control pill was messing up my hormones which caused the pain. From the very first appointment, I left with specific, tangible things to do at home.”


  • “It's such a good feeling to have this issue (lichen sclerosis) fixed / under control, but even more so in learning / finally understanding that it is fine and okay to talk about sex... ”

    MK, age 30

  • “I was very surprised that it took 6 weeks to fix something that had been an issue for a year and a half!”

    Michelle S, age 32

  • “I cried from happiness when I realized that my sex life could be normal and healthy. I still cannot believe how far we've come.”

    RW, age 29

  • “I went to see a hypnotist, a physical therapist and had a special massage, but nothing helped. Then I heard about Maze Women’s Sexual Health. It changed our lives.”

    I, age 21

  • “In a million years I never would have dreamed that I would be able to give birth without pain medicine! Thank you all so much for all that you did for me!”

    A, age 39

  • “When I called Maze Women's Sexual Health, I was at my wit’s end…9 weeks later, I’m enjoying a happy, healthy sex life!”

    G, age 28

  • “I have no pain or discomfort during sex and I have a much better response than I've had in years! I know so many women could benefit from this kind of support and I'd encourage them to make a call and go see what can be done.”

    PB, age 59

  • “I highly recommend Maze if you are suffering with any sexual issues or medical problems in that “area” that aren’t resolving. Don’t wait — there is no reason to!”

    E, age 35