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The Medical Center for Female Sexuality opens new location in Roslyn Heights. April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014 – Purchase, NY – The Medical Center for Female Sexuality has opened a new office in Roslyn Heights, NY, hoping to help more women in Long Island have access to types of treatment in female sexual dysfunction the Center offers.

“We found so many women asking if we had offices in Long Island,” Bat Sheva Marcus, LMSW, MPH, PhD and the Clinical Director of the Center said, “driving into the city or Westchester can be time-consuming for these women, and we want everyone to be able to seek help without it becoming too difficult to travel to see us.”

The new office, located in Roslyn Heights, NY, is easily accessible to all areas of the Island, and has shown to be a welcome addition to the area. Located within an OB/GYN’s executive suite, the team at the Center in Roslyn Heights provides help for women with all forms of sexual dysfunction, including low desire, low arousal and pain during intercourse.

This is the third office that the Center has opened, joining the Purchase, NY and Manhattan offices that have been helping women for over 14 years.

The Medical Center for Female Sexuality is one of the only treatment centers in the country to integrate a medical and psychological treatment modality. A medical and psychological team works together to evaluate the issues that might be of concern to the patient. Since the MCFS is a medical practice, the treatments are generally covered by most insurance companies. The MCFS can be found on the Internet at

For more information, please contact Susan Bernard at (914) 328-2700.