While it doesn’t always make the 6:00 news, there’s plenty to know and talk about when it comes to Women’s Sexual Health.

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Our team of  sexual dysfunction specialists, consisting of medical, psychological and clinical experts, blog routinely on the full range of female sexual health issues, including those related to menopause, painful sex, low libido, orgasm challenges and more. Visit the Blog

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The Maze Women’s Sexual Health team is passionate about sharing thoughtful insights and tips whenever possible. That’s why they’ve contributed to a multitude of articles and videos on various topics. Latest News

Vaginismus Support Group/Forum

The Vaginismus Forum is a thoughtful, friendly environment devoted to the understanding, treatment and cure of vaginismus. This is a place for people to discuss concerns and frustrations, share their ideas and experiences with treatment and support each other every step of the way. Visit the Forum

Events and Training

Maze Women’s Sexual Health will — from time to time — host events for both patients and women’s health professionals. Events

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At Maze, we focus on helping women achieve optimal sexual health. Here you’ll find recommendations, news and opinion on vibrators, massage oils, and a host of other products that can help. Products

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We’ve created a series of helpful videos covering a range of topics related to female sexuality. If you ever worry you are the only one to experience what you’re going through, you’ll soon see that we’ve seen and heard it before. And we’re here to help. Video Library

Additional Resources

Find links to useful resources created by Maze to further assist our current and future patients in their pursuit of optimal sexual health. You will also find links to trusted industry professionals and organizations who can offer additional sources of information. Resource Library