Invest for Success

The perpetual challenge of achieving work/life balance is an issue that is relevant to many.  It comes up frequently here, not just in the stresses that bring people to treatment but even in the mere scheduling of appointments.  

I recently read a moving speech given by Kim Clark, former Dean of Harvard Business School, which he shared with the 2005 graduating class.  Yeah, he’s talking to future businessmen and businesswomen but I think his message rings true for all:

“…there will be no more secure foundation in your life than a home that is full of life and love. Conversely…you will find no success in business that can compensate for failure in the
home. Let me say that one more time. Take these words to heart, listen to me, because these are true words, this is a true principle. There is no success in business that can compensate for failure at home…But there is no success without investment. That’s another lesson I’m sure you learned. If you are going to be successful, you have to invest. So I encourage you to invest first at home and to think of this as by far your most important investment. Indeed, I believe that the most important work that you do in your lives will be within the walls of your own home.”

If you are going to be successful, you have to invest. It’s hard to balance multiple responsibilities, and it can be easy to get focused on pressing things like work, finances, the kids, taking care of others.  But your relationship needs investment in order for it to grow.  And when it does and is more securely connected, fulfilling all those other responsibilities may feel a little more doable; not just because your brain will be spending less energy worrying about your relationship, but because you won’t feel as alone in coping with the other stuff. 


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