Nipplegasms are Real

I am always looking for new and interesting ways to educate patients on how to have orgasms with non-intercourse sex (as that is indeed how most women have orgasms.) Positions, play and exploration are all great ways to explore erogenous zones, but sometimes it is helpful to have a little more direction.

A patient recently informed me she had just had her first “nipplegasm.” She says it happened quite accidentally, when her partner was stroking her breasts and spent extra time on her nipples that particular day. What is a nipplegasm? Dr. Christine Northrup author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” writes “When the nipples are stimulated, oxytocin is released, which causes the same uterine and vaginal contractions associated with orgasms. This brings more blood flow to the genitals and can trigger an orgasm.” What does it feel like? How can I know if I had one? Much like the clitoris, the nipples are a highly sensitive part of the body, and for some people stimulation of the nipples brings blood flow to the genitals, and orgasms are possible.

Remember that everyone’s body is different, and while it may not be possible for everyone to have a nipplegasm, it is fun to explore that area, and you can try it with a partner or solo. See how much or how little pressure feels good. Rub hot oil on your breasts, explore touching your nipples with fabrics, feathers, vibrators whatever feels good, and see what happens. Nipplegasms are indeed real!

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