It’s electric.

Summer has arrived, which means wedding season is here.

Despite the growing divorce rate and various stressors that threaten long-term relationships, millions of people will walk down the aisle this summer. They will (hopefully) feel excited, hopeful, and dedicated to the unity of marriage, vowing to stay committed even when the going gets tough.

But with all the research and discussion and focusing on what makes relationships work, there is no single answer that explains the most important factor that keeps partners happy in a relationship. Is it communication? Attraction? Mutual goals? Friendship? Commitment?

One of the common misconceptions about relationships is that sex is just one compartment of the relationship. However, most relationship issues have a spillover effect and don’t stay in their little corner, and sex is certainly one of them. With sexual issues, the problem rarely remains solely in the bedroom and tends to affect the whole foundation of the relationship.

For many couples, the sexual connection provides a sense of ‘electricity’ to the bond; the passion, the excitement, the specialness. Thus, when the sexual connection is not there, it can feel dark and lonely. It can feel like you’re walking through a room with the lights off and you need to watch every step you take more carefully. Perhaps this is why sex is one of the top issues couples fight about; it’s not just about physical fulfillment, but about something that threatens the wiring and energy of the relationship.

Many couples we meet report feeling like their sexual dysfunction has caused a blackout in their relationship. They very much want the electricity back but don’t how to make it happen. Fortunately, we have seen that with effective treatment and an open mind, people can feel not only that the electricity is back on, but that the lights are shining brighter than ever before.

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