Teaching about vibrators.

One of the parts of my job that I think is the most fun is teaching women about vibrators. As part of our treatment protocol, particularly for women who are having difficulty having orgasms, we introduce women to vibrators. Many women have tried one or two over the course of their lives. Some women try one and never use it again. Others try one and never have sex without it. What is really great is introducing them to women who have never used them before because they all generally respond in the same way. They look at the assortment I place in front of them, from a small pretty pink one to a massive microphone-shaped one and they generally make a face of horror. Then as I begin to describe the positive and negative attributes of each one, they usually begin to smile. Once my presentation is complete they generally say, “I will take the small pink one.” And then once they try them, in our office, covered in condoms, they often say, “Actually I will take the large one!”

For those of you who want to learn more about vibrators, there are many stores and workshops you can go to. If you are interested in the research behind vibrator use and how effective they are in helping to create easier and more powerful orgasms you can read our clinical director, Bat Sheva Marcus’ dissertation titled, “Changes in a Woman’s Sexual Experience and Expectations Following the Introduction of Electric Vibrator Assistance”.

The important part is really to be open. When exploring your own sexuality with or without a partner, if you are open to new things, anything is possible.

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