Menstrual cycle — there’s an app for that!

There are dozens of apps available these days for smart phones, touchpads, and computers aimed at helping women track their menstrual cycles. When you enter the date of your last period, the app will calculate your next expected period as well as your ovulation window. Caution needs to be used when relying on the app as your menstrual cycle can change at any time. A woman can ovulate at any time during her cycle as well, even during her period. Stress, weight loss and too much exercise can change your menstrual cycle.

One of the greatest benefits to these apps is the ability to track libido, mood changes, headaches, bloating, acne or any other symptoms you may experience throughout the month. Most apps allow you to write your own notes and I find this particularly helpful with my patients when they suspect the hormonal changes during their menstrual cycle are negatively affecting their general well being.

These apps can help empower women and foster self-awareness. They can also help when trying for pregnancy but as mentioned before, I would caution against simply using the app alone for pregnancy prevention.

Here are some apps worth looking at (in no particular order). Many are free!

  • Iperiod App
  • Period Tracker App
  • Mikvah App
  • Woman Log
  • Period Plus

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