Bed play.

One of the fun things about working in this field: your friends and relatives all send you clippings, cartoons; links that they think you’ll get a kick out of. This one came from my sister in law, Carol.

Sex or Sleep? Article — click here.

It turns out that what most of us have already figured out – that those great memory foam mattresses work great for sleeping but not necessarily for sex — is affecting the mattress market. As a result marketers at Sealy have started fighting back at the foam mattress companies by making the claim that sex is better on their beds.

It makes sense. You need a certain amount of “push back” for intercourse to feel good. I’ve often thought about what having sex in outer space would feel like. Doesn’t seem all that appealing to me. Also, rolling around on the foam mattresses can be a bit more difficult, and let’s face it, rolling around can be part of the fun.

And here’s a direct quote from one of the salesman at the Sealy showroom, “It’s just that coils give you bounce, which you don’t get on memory foam. It’s a lot more physically intense because you’re not getting any help from the bed.”

Whether or not you find sex to be less fun on the foam, I think you’ll find this article hilarious. The quotes from people who don’t like having sex on foam, the defense of the company marketer…they all are getting in on the act. And I will just add, if you have a foam mattress and have discovered you don’t love having sex on it, move to the sofa for your next tryst!

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