How long is too long: the average time for intercourse.

Okay ladies (and the men who may be looking over their shoulder.) The average time for intercourse is 3-5 minutes. So if your partner is thrusting inside of you for 25 minutes and your vagina hurts or gets sore, there is nothing wrong with your vagina. There is something wrong with your timing! Now…lets respond to all the possible women’s reactions:

“But I LIKE intercourse for 30 minutes” Great!! You’re just not average. If you and your partner enjoy prolonged intercourse and you’re not having pain afterwards — go for it! Have fun.

“But he needs 25-30 minutes to ejaculate.” — Try exploring other stimulations for 15-20 minutes. Rubbing against your body, using your hands, using your mouth, him using his hands are all good possibilities. Then when he comes inside of you he may only need 5 minutes or so.

“He really needs 40 minutes inside of me to ejaculate.” This is where I think you need to bring in a male sexual dysfunction specialist to have him evaluated.

Bottom line. Don’t always blame your vagina!!

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