Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Women 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I would marry HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) if I could.  

I was in my late 40s and experiencing hot flashes – nay – nuclear flashes, several times an hour, round the clock. As a result, I was absolutely miserable and irritable and I was losing hope fast. 

My midwife immediately knew what was happening – I was in full-swing perimenopause and it was having it’s way with me. She tested my hormone levels and low and behold – my estrogen had peaced out for good. She gave me a prescription for hormone replacement and it was a game-changer. While it took some trial and error with dosage and delivery mechanism, we finally landed the plane. And what a pleasant trip it’s been. 

Please note that my symptoms were at the extreme end of the spectrum – everyone’s experience is unique. But I do know that so many women struggle in silence because they either don’t know where to turn, or perhaps they’ve been dismissed by care providers who received little to zero peri/menopause training in med school.  

Did you know that there are 34 documented symptoms of peri/menopause? And most if not all of them can be either eradicated or at least improved by replacing estrogen.  While not everyone is a good candidate for HRT (due to medical hx or age, for example), most women are. In addition to peri/menopause management, studies show that it can also be protective against heart disease.  

Peri/menopause is normal. Suffering is NOT. If you’re experiencing hot flashes, painful sex, night sweats, dizziness, low libido, irritability or any other symptoms and think they could be related to peri/menopause, consider seeing our knowledgeable specialists. We can help you determine next steps toward feeling like yourself again.  

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