Why Should You Consider A Sexual Health Center?

There are all kinds of medical practices: podiatry, diabetes, radiology, orthopedics. Name your body part or condition, there’s likely a building dedicated to it somewhere. 

Why should our sexuality be treated as less-than? Would you say that your asthma or acne or irritable bowels aren’t worthy of quality health care? Of course you wouldn’t. So if you’re experiencing issues of a sexual nature, it’s time to get thee to the specialists who can help!

There are sexual health centers that focus on reproductive care, family planning and STIs;  practices that specialize in couples counseling; others that provide sex therapy and surrogacy. At Maze Women’s Sexual Health, we offer solutions to a variety of concerns such as pelvic pain, hormonal imbalances and low libido.

Our approach is unusual in that we don’t see sexual health issues through either a medical or a behavioral lens. We believe in treating the whole person – that’s why patients consult with both a therapist and a medical provider who collaborate and create a customized treatment plan that is at once physically and emotionally supportive.

What does diagnosis and treatment look like at Maze? It of course depends upon symptom profile, medical history and patient goals. For example, if someone is presenting with perimenopausal symptoms, we can offer a variety of solutions such as hormonal replacement therapy, vaginal creams, laser treatments and behavioral modification suggestions. Sexual health issues are unique to each person, and our providers at Maze help guide patients though their own respective treatment journeys. We recognize that rarely will any two patients with the same diagnosis have the same path toward healing, and we’re sensitive to the needs of every individual for whom we provide care.

If you’re curious about how a sexual health center might be of help to you, give us a call. We offer free 10-minute phone consults during which we can answer your questions and help you determine next steps toward feeling better about your sexual health. Contact Us Today!

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