Contemplate, Then Masturbate!

We see you, Self Magazine! Their issue featured a fantastic and comprehensive article on masturbation and all the what’s, how’s and whys were at the party. We highly recommend you check it out and we recommend even more highly that you find some time to explore and play!

Extra points to the authors for their inclusivity: “Before we dive in, a quick note on terminology: We understand that you don’t need organs like a uterus or vagina to be a woman. In this article, we’re using terms such as “female masturbation” to represent the act in people with vaginas in accordance with the science on the subject—but many of these benefits are in effect no matter your gender or sexual and reproductive organs.”

Masturbation isn’t just as normal as sleeping and eating – it also offers benefits that are built-in to release stress, improve physical health, enhance sex with others and to make you feel pretty great! For our top vibrator recommendations, download our free e-book here

So don’t keep pressing pause on pleasure – explore, have fun and call the experts at Maze for a free phone consult for some guidance. Whether you’re new to all of this or just need to spice things up, we’ve got you covered and then some. 

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