Haters Gonna Love!

We have all heard the phrase “opposites attract”, but it’s been my experience that finding common ground and sharing core values makes for ultimate compatibility. Enter ‘Hater’, a new dating app where “you can meet someone who hates the same stuff”! The app was thought up by Brendan Alper after he read a 2006 study which showed that people who dislike the same things bond closely with each other. The app matches you with other users based on your mutual dislikes.

‘Hater’ presents users with about 3,000 topics to choose from and they are constantly updated based on what’s trending. Hate speech is not allowed and topics do not include any ethnic, racial or socioeconomic groups. Once you have listed your loves, hates, likes and dislikes, the app starts finding matches. Swipe left if you are not interested and right  if you are. Haters gonna hate, and Haters gonna love!

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