The Frustrating Cycle of Vaginitis

When you think of Lo Bosworth your initial reaction is reality television- Laguna Beach or The Hills. The Hills has been cancelled for 6 years and Lo Bosworth has been busy launching a new startup in feminine health called Love Wellness.

Love Wellness addresses the most common reasons women go their gynecologists- vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness and changes in vaginal discharge. Many common gynecological infections are treated with low quality ingredients and cheap chemicals. Vaginitis is often treated with an antibiotic which can cause another form of vaginitis. This causes a frustrating viscous cycle that women seek help for time and time again.

In response to this, Lo Bosworth created a line of products that are problem specific. She uses high quality formulations and natural ingredients to address the root behind vaginitis.

Her products include:

  1. The Killer-a suppository made of boric acid which balances the vaginal PH and helps to prevent vaginal infections
  2. Good Girl Probiotic- balances the PH in the gut which is directly connected to feminine hygiene
  3. The Perfect Condition Vitamin-contains turmeric, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, folic acid, garlic and bourbon. These ingredients destroy yeast on a cellular level
  4. A PH balanced moisturizer, cleanser and vaginal wipes

According to Lo Bosworth “at a young age women are taught to be embarrassed by their vaginas rather than embrace them as a fundamental part of the body that requires care from time to time.” Love Wellness is sure to get women talking more about their vaginas and spending less time in their gynecologist‘s office.

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