The Multi Effects of Sexual Dysfunction

Most of our patients have fairly busy lives that require juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. When there is a sexual issue, life continues to be busy, and the sexual issue can easily get thrown to the “later” pile.

But sexual dysfunction affects more than sex, and with time the pain becomes more palpable. Here are some of the ways sexual dysfunction may affect your life:

  • How you feel about your body
  • How you feel about sexuality
  • How you feel about aging
  • How you feel about your relationship, or lack of one
  • How you feel about your partner
  • How you feel about your worthiness
  • How you feel about your past, present, future
  • How you feel about being “normal”

We get it. We hear these stories all the time and we totally understand that the answer to sexual dysfunction is not to simply, relax and have a glass of wine. If it was that simple, the problem would have been resolved already. So, if any of this speaks to you, please don’t give up on finding help. It can get better!

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