The rise of arousal.

And the media buzz term of the week is…….female arousal.

With the news about clinical trials in the advancement of Lybrido, a new drug being tested that purports to increase sexual arousal in women, the discussion around women’s sexuality has shifted from a whisper to a shout.

The idea that a female arousal drug may become available for public consumption has triggered a discussion that extends far beyond just biological pathways. It has opened the door for conversations about a woman’s right to have sexual satisfaction in her life and ramifications of sexual dysfunction on her self-esteem.

When a man has trouble with erections, it can affect not only his bedroom life but his whole confidence in relationships. When a woman has trouble with arousal, she may feel like her whole femininity is taking a hit- not to mention the fear of losing her partner because she is sexually unavailable. The pain for a woman who can’t perform sexually is just as difficult as it is for a man, but cultural constructs provide little space for women to affirm that.

Contrary to popular belief that men need sex and women need romance, many women need sex too — just as many men need romance. Let’s not let gender roles preclude us from recognizing the human need to bond.

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