Is thinner really hotter?

I love dispelling sexual myths. One that seems to creep up from time to time is that thin women have better sex. Women say, “oh if only I were thinner, I would be having more sex”, or “I would be more comfortable doing this or that..” In fact, thin women generally have higher amounts of SHBG, or sex hormone binding globulin. SHBG is a protein that makes testosterone inactive in the body. When a woman has high SHBG she generally has lower testosterone, which often means she has lower desire. Testosterone gets stored in fat, so if a woman is on the slight side she may have lower hormonal stores, as well. Of course this is not true for all women and another aspect of sexuality is how efficiently your body uses what it has. If a woman has low testosterone and she is sexually active she may not even realize it. This is why sexual health and sexual activity are key.

Staying “sexually healthy” means taking care of your body. It is difficult to be having good sex if you are extremely stressed, fatigued or ill. And it is hard to have good sex if you are out of practice. I suggest that all women, single or partnered stay sexually active: read erotica, masturbate and if you are in a relationship engage in weekly sexual activity. I have a friend who says, “preventing aging is all about maintenance.” She was referring to her house but I think applies to just about everything! Stay focused on your sexual health and how to maintain it and you will discover the rewards that come from it.

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