Thinking sexy.

If you want sex to be a regular part of your life, you probably have to put a little work into it. Now don’t get all panicked that you don’t have time or energy to do one more thing. I know it’s hard enough to get to the gym regularly, shave your legs or blow dry your hair. I don’t think working on your sex life has to eat into your time in the same way. But you do need to think about what may help your sex life. It just doesn’t take care of itself.

One of the things we noticed here at the Center is that if you take a few minutes each day to put sex on the brain, you are more likely to be interested in having sex when the opportunity presents itself. We will often suggest to women that they read an erotic book or watch an erotic video for just 2-5 minutes in the morning. Somehow, getting your body turned on (even if you don’t realize it) or getting some sexy images in your head can get the gears turning for the rest of the day.

And now at the Center we have gone one step further: we have introduced 2 tweets a day which give you quick suggestions to feel sexier. Lick your lips — slowly. Unbutton an extra button — right now. Catch the eye of a cute guy who passes by and hold it for a few seconds. These are things that only take a few seconds or minutes but can get you back in touch with your sexy self. So I encourage you to sign up on twitter to get our twice daily sexy messages.

And think sexy!

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