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There is nothing I love more than feeling like I’ve helped a woman that came in to see me at the Center. The struggles of sexual problems, whether it be painful intercourse, lack of desire, difficulty becoming aroused or so many of the other issues that arise, affect so many areas of a woman’s life. Getting a woman to a place where she can be happy and excited again is such a rewarding feeling!

Sadly, I also know that for every patient that comes in here to find a solution for their problems, there are hundreds if not thousands of women that can’t get here. And I know that there are so many women who have concerns and questions about what is going on with their own sexuality, and would like to hear a better answer than “it’s all in your head”.

We, at The Medical Center for Female Sexuality, would like to invite you to take the time to ask us your questions and our staff will do our best to come up with a helpful answer. We will take a question a week from those that are emailed to us at info@centerforfemalesexuality.com, and answer it for you right here, on the Center’s blog. We will be sure to keep you anonymous, so you never need to worry about having your personal issues exposed unwillingly. So please, send us your questions, and we will do our best to answer as many as we can.

So start sending in those questions!

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