Bremelanotide, “The Barbie Drug” or PT141

the Medical center for Female Sexuality we often treat Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder or low desire. We have several effective treatments for this condition but most of them are off label for reasons I will not go into here. The field of female sexual dysfunction is always growing and we are at the forefront of trying new treatments to assist women so that they can have more fulfilling sex lives.

We are currently trialing a new drug called Bremelanotide. When Bremelanotide was first trialed it was referred to as, “The Barbie Drug”. The reason for this is that the side effects seem to be weight loss, slight increase in skin pigmentation ( or appearing tan) and increased sex drive. It sounds good, right? Of course any medication may have adverse side effects so the research is done very carefully.

If you are interested in this study for any reason, please contact our offices. We think this study is really important because not only may it improve an individual woman’s experience but possibly that of their partners too. In fact, it will be contributing to an often over looked area of the female experience. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 43% of American women (about 40 million) experience some form of sexual disorder. It is an important issue and we clearly feel it is necessary aspect of any woman’s health.

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