What drugs might be causing a problem in your sex life?

Let’s see. What drugs might be causing a problem in your sex life? There’s a whole list of SSRI’s, the NSRI’s, all birth control pills, the neuroplant, anti anxiety medications, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Here’s the deal. Many drugs can have a negative impact on your sex life. We are only now beginning to understand the complexity of drugs and how they affect a woman’s libido and functioning. That’s mostly because, quite frankly, most investigators didn’t really care much about how sex was affected by a drug. They certainly were not concerned with a woman’s sex life.

But thankfully that is changing and we are beginning to understand more and more about how drugs impact us.

We are very clear that any drugs that affect your brain functioning or your body chemistry can affect your sexual functioning. That doesn’t mean it will. It just means that you need to keep an eye on it. In the end, you are by far the best judge of what is happening in your body. If you feel like something is off, it probably is. Trust your judgment. Discuss it with your practitioner and make sure they are listening.

Drugs can and do affect your sex life. Only you can be the best monitor!

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