Vibrators in the New York Times.

As a sex educator, it is exciting to see Vibrators covered in the New York Times.

The journalist has pegged the piece to the new found presence of vibrators in regular drug stores. They are now sold at Duane Reade! This is a wonderful step because vibrators were and still are sometimes thought of as “kinky” or subversive. The truth is they can be an important and even necessary component of a woman’s sex life. So the fact that they are readily available is wonderful. Duane Reade is currently selling a 19.99 model, which also makes them affordable.

The article ends by saying that all women need, is a little more freedom. The implication is that with added freedom, they could use vibrators, and their sexual problems might be solved. Though freedom is wonderful and can certainly be a necessary component to making a woman feel more comfortable. Sometimes when a woman suffers from female sexual dysfunction, she may need a therapist and/or a doctor too. At the Center we see the benefits that therapy and medications have in the treatment of low desire, as well as issues with arousal and orgasm. We definitely advocate the use of vibrators as well! Let’s give women all the help we can offer and not stigmatize any of it.

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