Dr. Oz and sexual advice.


I love your show on Z100.

I even love Dr. Oz.

But that was some of the worst sexual “advice” I’ve heard in a long time!

You cannot tell the poor women who called in, who can’t drag herself to have sex with her boyfriend when she gets home, to “just do it!” It’s clear she loves him so if she COULD, she WOULD.

Not only is that not helpful advice, it’s actually hurtful — we see those women all the time at our Center. Not only can they not drag themselves to have sex, they have all these drs and sex therapists, telling them to “just do it,” and then they feel worse about themselves.

If you still have her phone number tell her to call someone who deals with female low libido and have a full evaluation. If she’s got the hormonal profile of a 10 year old she’s not gonna want to have sex with her partner, no matter how many romantic text messages he sends her.

And please tell the poor guy with Premature Ejaculation (who called in after her) that creams may work, but that there ARE PILLS…PE is a neurological problem that can be easily treated with a combination of behavioral and medical interventions. He shouldn’t have to live with it.

Phew. I feel better.

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