Coregasms — An orgasm by any other name…

A newspaper reported called last week to talk to me about this “new idea” of “coregasms.” Have you heard of them? They are all the rage.

Basically women talk about having orgasms at the gym while working their core muscles. It’s a hot new topic and clearly a great marketing ploy for gyms. Here’s the problem, though: they’re not really new. They are (I believe) just repackaged. (You know how Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC because they wanted to get “Fried” out of their name?)

So what actually is a coregasm?

There have always been a small subset of women who can have orgasms induced by tensing the muscles surrounding the vagina and clitoris. Some of my patients will talk about being able to squeeze their thigh muscles together or do kegal exercises and induce orgasm. It’s a small subgroup of women who need a limited amount of stimulation, but it exists. These are the same women who can produce orgasm through exercise and “squeezing muscles.”

So now that we’re in a “core craze” (anyone not living under a rock and who has visited a gym recently knows that “core work” is the new thing…) orgasms are being billed as another benefit of core work.

So what does that mean for you?

Well, like every other sexual practice, it works for some and not for others. It can be fun for the people who can experience them, but it is NOT, I repeat NOT, likely to become a mainstream sexual practice. Most women just need more stimulation than that for orgasm and, therefore, are not going to significantly change the quality of your sex life. So if it sounds like fun, go for it. Most importantly, please don’t be surprised or self-critical if it doesn’t work for you. Don’t feel like you are “less than” someone else because they can squeeze their way to orgasm and you can’t! It’s just one way to have an orgasm, and as long as you’ve found YOUR way(s), you are good to go!

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