Libido flip-flop.

This entry was written recently by a patient at MCFS following six months of treatment for low desire. Her previous entry, written after her second appointment last October, was posted on April 5th.

Last night I kissed my husband’s ear and he did not move. He wasn’t in the mood and I was!

For some people this would be frustrating. For me it was amazing! Finally, our sex life is equal. We have an equal investment in pleasuring each other. With almost equal interest in sex — it is no longer just about his needs and my succumbing (reluctantly). The mere fact that I was interested did change his mind, and a wonderful evening ensued, but it was a pivotal moment for us. The last few months have changed our, and my, life. God had given the world the gift of sexuality and pleasure, and it was a gift that I never received, never really understood. I now know that I was missing out on huge piece of the beauty that exists in this world and missing out on a more meaningful and spiritual connection with my husband. I am eternally grateful to the MCFS for helping me find this gift.

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