The taste of semen…

They say that if a man lives long enough he will ultimately die from prostate cancer. On a similar note, in my world, if a workshop goes on long enough somebody will inevitably ask about semen. Well here it is folks, your comprehensive guide to semen in 500 words or less. First off, semen is not to be confused with seamen. Although many seamen are men, and most men have semen, and most semen contains 1% sperm, not all seamen can swim.

As for the taste of semen, all men try to convince their partner that semen tastes like honey. The fact is however that most men have never drunk a full serving of semen so they don’t really know what semen tastes like. In my experience as a couple’s counselor, I have noticed however that the taste of semen is often impacted by the state of the relationship. Imagine that!

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