Holiday sex: It’s good for you!

Round and around we go arguing whether having a lot of sex makes you healthier or being healthier make you have more sex. As usual I’m going to argue that it’s a little bit of both! If you feel healthy and fit (no matter your age or weight) you’ll be likely to have better sex. And having more frequent and better sex has proven to be beneficial in so many ways. You know how it is, no matter how thin or “in shape” you are, if you just plowed your way through a bag of chips and washed it down with soda, you probably will not feel sexy — (you may feel bloated and greasy, but probably not sexy.) On the other hand if you’ve just come from a day or two of eating well and getting some exercise, even if you haven’t fulfilled your fitness goals, you probably will feel healthy and much more interested in a romp with your partner. So if you’re at a holiday party this week, see if it helps to ask yourself if you’d rather eat that…whatever it is…or you’d rather feel like peeling off your clothes and going for it when you get home. Click here to read more.

And happy holidays.

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