Monogamy or why do we need to look in other people’s bedrooms?

Hey did you see yesterday’s Times article — “In Most Species, Faithfulness Is a Fantasy“?

Basically, in order to find a species that was always faithful, Natalie Angier had to resort to citing the “flatworm that lives in the gills of freshwater fish.” So who are we kidding and why are we all so prurient in our need to follow other people’s sex lives, and so incredibly judgemental when we find out about other people’s affairs (which are none of our business.)

Look, I’m a fan of monogamy. I like having sex with one person. I think it’s comfortable, fun, reliable, allows me to be more experimental, allows me to be totally trusting and sometimes it’s, let’s face it, just plain cozy. And I know a whole bunch of other people that feel the same way. My husband would say it’s morally and ethically correct. That having been said I think it’s probably an unrealistic expectation for many people and to set it up as the gold standard for our judgement of others may not be either realistic, practical or wise. And maybe, it’s none of our business. Why are we all so fascinated by what’s happening in everyone else’s bedroom?

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