Is hiring a prostitute really worse than driving 91mph in a 60 mph zone?

I know it’s an unpopular position, but somehow I can’t help feeling that Eliot Spitzer is being attacked in a way that is not commensurate with his crime. And, as always, I feel like the rather puritanical society we live in, has a double standard when it comes to sex. Yes, what he did (which by the way was hiring a prostitute, not- as is being declared on all the airway — becoming “involved in a prostitution ring” which sounds like he was chief organizer and madam) was illegal. Yes, what he did is immoral by most couple’s current standards. But hey…he was having sex with a consenting adult and he wasn’t hurting anyone. Compare that to Governor Corzine who’s car was traveling 91 in a 65 mph zone and could have killed any number of people. No one called for his resignation. So it seems to me that this “crime” he committed is being judged, rather than on it’s own merits, on other standards and I’m curious what they are. Is it that Eliot Spitzer has just alienated too many people during his long tenure as a public servant and it’s “payback time.” Or is it that somehow everyone feels holier than thou when they hear about extramarital sex…of any sort. And it makes people feel good to cluck their tongues and talk about morals and ethics. Maybe this should be seen as what it is, a private issue that he needs to work through with his wife. But unless there is serious reason to believe that hiring a prostitute will directly effect the job he was hired by the people of NY to do, I say “leave him alone and let him get back to the job at hand!”

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