Get That Laptop Off Your Uterus! …Right?

Last night, as I said goodnight to my almost-grown daughters, I noticed that each of their respective laptops rested directly on their respective laps. Hystero-Mamma kicked into high gear. “Girls – why aren’t you using pillows as a barrier between your computers and your ovaries? How many times do we have to review this? Don’t you want children? DO you want children? I mean, no pressure, of course. But, my loves, this is not a drill – YOUR EGGS ARE AT STAKE!!”. 

As they “Okay, mom”-ed me, I got to thinking…are my concerns actually based on science? And if so, is that science even current?  

Clearly, it’s never been easier to access information about literally anything. But ease doesn’t guarantee accuracy, and it sure as heck doesn’t guarantee truth. Yet these are precisely the factors that are most critical when we’re looking for reproductive health answers.  I know, I know – truth and accuracy demand time. I mean, do we honestly have the kind of availability required to read a peer-reviewed journal article when we’re just trying to answer emails, put the kids to bed, scrape the last spoonful of Cherry Garcia from its rightful container and sneak in the series finale of Schitt’s Creek all before our heads hit the pillow?  

Allow me to suggest the following guidelines that can help you maximize efficiency as you seek answers to your sexual concerns: 

  1. Search the web but limit it to reputable sources such as Maze Women’s Sexual Health, Planned Parenthood, The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The American College of Nurse-Midwives and The North American Menopause Society 
  2. Conduct further research on the websites of teaching hospitals and universities that have dedicated women’s health centers.  
  3. Make an appointment with a provider who has experience with your specific medical issue. You can ask an office representative specific questions about the practice before you go in for a visit. If they seem too busy to answer (or too busy to get that answer from a supervisor), then don’t waste your time and move on.  

 You can do some very easy research by calling us for a 10-minute free consult here! We’ll let you know right off the bat if we can help (and if we can’t, we’ll offer alternative resources).  






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