Want More Sex? Here’s a Tip…

Yesterday yet another woman told me that one of the reasons she doesn’t want to have sex with her husband is because she’s so self conscious. Sigh. She doesn’t feel great about her body and HE DOESN’T MAKE HER FEEL GREAT ABOUT HER BODY! He makes comments if she gains weight. He makes comments about her belly button, he makes comments about hair on her body. Oh yeah. And then he wants her to feel sexy, be sexy, and make love to him. (Double sigh)

Okay guys…here’s a little secret. In order to make her feel beautiful — tell her she’s beautiful — tell her what things about her are beautiful — tell her what things about her turn you on — tell her…tell her…tell her…I PROMISE you! You’ll see a new woman. And the converse is true also. STOP telling her what you don’t like about her. It will just make her dive under the covers, wear fuzzy pajamas (you know, I love fuzzy pajamas so maybe that’s not so bad,) and avoid you (that is so bad).

And here’s the funny thing. My guess is that if you are having more sex…she will look more beautiful to you. Just a hunch. Let me know if it works!

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