Celebrate Pride with a Queer Movie Night

Happy Pride everyone! While some cities will be having in-person Pride events this year, I’ll be sitting them out. I’ve never been one for crowds and I melt in the sun, so I’ll be celebrating in a different way: Queer movie night.

Grab some wine (or the beverage of your choice) and some popcorn, and snuggle up with your partner to watch one of these films. Not only can queer films be a great source of representation (which I generally find lacking in most mainstream content), but some of these queer romances are incredibly sexy and can help you and your partner get in the mood. And queer sex is a great way to celebrate Pride.

Here are some queer romances to celebrate Pride, or for all year long. I should mention that these run the gamut from classy cinema to action to comedy, and that some of them do not have happy endings (as is the unfortunate norm with films depicting queer relationships. But that’s a topic for another article…)


Booksmart: I loved this film. It doesn’t center a lesbian romance, but there’s a great queer character and a surprisingly accurate and sweet bumbling “first-time” scene. Maybe not the hottest movie, but definitely a great pick. Have some fully vaccinated friends over to watch together!

But I’m a Cheerleader: A queer classic. I finally watched this with my girlfriend and it was funny and heartwarming and sweet. Also, Clea DuVall is an icon.

Imagine Me and You: I’ve never seen this British, queer, rom-com, but my girlfriend says it’s a classic and I have to include it. I watched the trailer and it looks very cute!


Beautiful Movies Set Abroad (I’m not a film person, I’m sorry)

Portrait of a Lady on Fire: This French film is gorgeous. The story is melancholy, but wonderful. There definitely wasn’t as much sex as I would have liked, but it’s still a sexy movie!

Ammonite: Ok, full disclosure, I haven’t seen this film yet either, but it is definitely on my list. Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan together? England? Reportedly hot lesbian sex? This is the movie I’ll be watching for queer movie night.

God’s Own Country: Another beautiful (and sexy) film. A farmer falls in love with a seasonal farmworker. Hot sex ensues. And SPOILER ALERT, unlike the majority of gay love stories, this one has a happy ending!


Films with Iconic Female Leads (I’m bad at categorizing things, please refer to my previous blog)

Carol: Two words: Cate Blanchett. No more commentary needed.

Atomic Blonde: This is an action movie. But Charlize Theron’s character does have a very hot lesbian sex scene. Also, Charlize Theron is just really sexy throughout the whole thing. So, it counts.


Should I Even Include This Film? (Which I realize isn’t exactly a category)

Blue is the Warmest Color: This French film is très sexy (I’m so sorry). There is A LOT of hot lesbian sex (though it’s not very realistic and the movie is meh). Definitely one to watch without your friends.

Need more queer movies? Check out this great list (there is some overlap with mine!).

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