The Pleasure Principle

In her most recent e-newsletter, Dr. Emily Morse (of “Sex with Emily” fame) asks readers to repeat after her and say “Pleasure is my birthright.”

How did you react when you saw these words? Did you say without hesitation, “YES! YES IT IS!” Or maybe your response was less than enthusiastic, or maybe you even found yourself in a state of recoil.

How each and every one of us feels about this statement will depend upon the messages about pleasure we received (or, more likely, didn’t at all). Especially if you were raised as a cis-gender female according to social norms.

But the fact is, everyone deserves to feel joy and happiness and meaning and purpose and most definitely pleasure. Not just in some contexts, but in all of them. If you’re struggling sexually and not experiencing satisfactory sex (be it solo or accompanied), give us a call and we’ll help guide toward next best steps.  

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