Are We Overlooking Menopause?

It’s one thing to be unfamiliar with menopause. Assuming you’ve heard the word, your mind likely conjures up all kinds of things, and probably none of them too flattering.

Why the negativity? Because menopause – the very normal, physiological change most women experience (unless otherwise medically mediated) – can wreak all sorts of havoc as a result of shifting hormonal levels. And yet, despite the challenges and quality-of-life issues that menopause can trigger, women often find themselves with nowhere to turn. How is this possible?

In a recent New York Times piece, “Why Modern Medicine Keeps Overlooking Menopause,” Dr. Stephanie S. Fabion (Medical Director of the North American Menopause Society and Director of the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Women’s Health) answers this very question. “When you say menopause management, no one in the medical field really owns that space”. Not even the specialists most women rely on for reproductive care.

This is a great article that highlights the reasons why women who deserve help can’t find it, and we highly recommend the read!

At Maze, we proudly treat perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. Our care often begins with a lot of education, and then we customize treatment plans for each and every woman.  If you are struggling with symptoms such as insomnia, weight gain, memory issues, mood swings, low libido or pelvic pain, please reach out and schedule a Free Phone consult. We’ll be glad to strategize with you in terms of your best next steps toward feeling better!

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