Where Did It Go? 5 Reasons Couples Lose Their Spark

  1. Stress: Stress and sex are like oil and water. I’m not talking about sexual tension; I mean the daily grind, the worry about health and finances and work demands and familial responsibilities. All the stuff that doesn’t leave much bandwidth for romance, especially under current circumstances.
  2. Lack of Acknowledgement: Remember when you first met your partner? If they commented on a shoelace, it sounded like the most profound, most important, most urgent and poetic sentence ever uttered. Back then, you dropped everything when they walked into the room. Now, life can get in the way and disrupt communication and create resentment between partners who don’t feel seen or heard.
  3. Hormonal Shifts: Our internal chemistry changes as we move forward in life. That’s normal. But when we don’t address these transitions, we suffer and often so do our relationships.
  4. Sexual Disruption: Discomfort, pain, dysfunction can happen to anyone. Even some medications can run interference and mess with your sex life. Left unchecked, these issues might not resolve on their own (and might even lead to serious health concerns).
  5. Novelty Deficit: Research shows that long-term partners require growth, meaning that both parties need to grow individually and collectively. In short, you need to shake things up in order to find renewed interest generally and sexually.

Fortunately, there are solutions to all of the above. Curious? Reach out to us and schedule time for our free, 10-minute phone consult. We can help you determine where that spark is hiding, and how to coax it back out where it belongs!

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