Vibrators and Vaginismus

Besides starting with a V, most people would probably say that vibrators and vaginismus really have nothing to do with each other. But I’m here to tell you otherwise.

Usually when we think of vibrators, we think of the models that go inside a vagina and, as a result, we don’t usually think of them as something women who are suffering with vaginismus would be interested in using. Think again.

First of all, while most women with vaginismus primarily work with dilators, as they move through the small sizes, the truth is that dilators can get boring, and even irritating in their clinical sterility. And the right size internal vibrator can be a great change of pace. Interesting colors, different shapes, and materials and the buzz or vibration can be fun to for a woman who’s dilating nightly. Also, as you get more comfortable with having something inside the vaginal canal, the vibrations can get the vagina back into working order faster by stimulating the muscles and the blood flow. In general, blood flow makes everything “work better and the vagina is no exception!

Now what about good ol’ external vibrators? Here’s where you need to think outside the box. Just because you are not having intercourse does not mean you shouldn’t be having sex, either by yourself (sex for one) or with your partner! And you know I always say that an external vibrator is one of the best tools available to make sex (for everyone) easier, more fun and accessible.

So here’s the most important thing to remember. Just because you have vaginismus,- or maybe you don’t have vaginismus but you have other pain- that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy vibrators. Au Contraire my friends! Go out and get thee a vibrator.

Not sure which vibrator to choose? That’s why we created our free e-book on How To Choose A Vibrator,  which includes our top recommendations so you can decide which one is best for you.

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