Sex in The Media: Little Fires Everywhere

Have you read the book by the incredible Celeste Ng?! Have you binged the Hulu series (produced by and starring the incomparable Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon)? If not, run, don’t walk! And bonus: there are some pretty stunning sex scenes in the screen version. Yes, they are expertly shot and acted, but I think these scenes are particularly remarkable because of the way they drive each lead character’s narrative.

The story focuses on two women who share few things in common. Their divergent choices in sexual partners, boundaries, preferences and the messages they share with their respective children on the subject speak volumes about who they are. It’s a great illustration of what we at Maze already know: sexuality is just as important to our personal stories as any other part of us.

The book is outstanding and the series doesn’t disappoint, so I recommend you explore “Little Fires Everywhere” and envelope yourself in its themes (such as race, class and motherhood). But read/view it with a sexuality lens, and you’ll be able to take an even deeper dive into what makes these characters – and their stories – so compelling.

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