Sex and Politics: The Media

PB & J. Meghan and Harry. TikTok and dance trends. These are things that go together. And here are two things that generally don’t: sex and politics. And here’s why. In case you missed it, today is election day, which will soon prevail enormous consequences. And we’re also really divided as a nation at present. Even just the word “politics” induces stress in many of us these days. Like, a lot of stress. Boat loads and boat loads of stress.

Here are two other things that never go together: stress and sex. In fact, their mutual existence is counterproductive at best.

Now, if you have the hots for a particular politician, or if you get off on the idea of power, or if what you hear/see/do politically gets you all riled to the point where your civic passion charges you up sexually, then by all means, go for it! But, if more commonly, you find yourself yelling at your tv during a debate, or experiencing a fight-or-flight response when you engage in social media, I say that, for the sake of your sex life, a break is in order. You can’t be mindful and focused on your partner when you’re ducking anxiety-inducing messages every 32 seconds.

My advice? When you want to have sex, tune out and turn off the events of the day. Then you can think about the fun and pleasurable ways in which you can turn on and experience what does a body good.

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