Babe, I’d like you to meet my…

I once spoke with a woman who bristled at my suggestion that she introduce her vibrator to her sexual partner. I inquired as to the source of her objection. She explained that she was afraid to hurt her partner’s feelings; that it might lead to feelings of inadequacy.

She was deeply attracted to this person, and she described their relationship as supportive and loving. Still, she was afraid that the idea of incorporating a toy during sex would bruise his ego. I acknowledged this and told her the decision was entirely up to her. “I just have one follow-up question: if he uses a medication that enhances his sexual wellness and his connection to you, why is a vibrator any different?” She smiled and said, “point well taken.”

Doctor of Human Sexuality, Emily Morse, addresses this exact topic in her latest blog entitled “Is It Okay to Always Use a Clitoral Vibe?” 

If you are curious about raising the topic with your partner or want guidance regarding the myriad of sex toy offerings, check out our list of recommended products.

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