“What Choice Do I Have?!”

Choices, selections, options, plans, alternatives, opportunities. The common denominator of all these words is change.  We have been labeled as a disposable society where it is often easier and more efficient to discard what is broken rather than repair it. We can argue over whether that is indeed a good state of affairs, but for me it brings up a more fundamental question.

If that is true of our material possessions why it is often the opposite case when it comes to our emotional attachments? Specifically, why do so many of us remain stuck in unsatisfactory, unhealthy, painful relationships and situations out of a misplaced fear that there are no options but to remain and tolerate the uncomfortably familiar?

There are so many women who come to Maze and say that they have known about our center for years. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, – that was yesterday. Let’s plan for today and let the change begin!

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