In All This Sex Talk, Let’s Not Forget About Love

We don’t speak to our kids enough about sex, but you know what? We don’t speak to them enough about love either. And, if you would like those topics to be somewhat connected for your children,  then you (the parents) really need to be talking to your kids about both! 

According to a report released today by Harvard Graduate School of Education, parents worry a great deal about the hookup culture, but don’t really pay attention to the fact that kids are at least equally  confused about navigating a loving relationship. If you want to help them develop caring, healthy romantic relationships, you need to talk to them, share your experiences: wisdom, if you feel you have any, and honest confusion if you feel you don’t. No matter where you may end up, talking about love and relationships can help your kids navigate tricky situations, identify unhealthy situations before they are “sucked in”, and clarify their own views on love. Conversations can help them think through potential ethical dilemmas and prepare them for a potential relationship. 

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