Are better female orgasms possible? Research may hold the answer.

I try not to spend too much time on the internet clicking on the many links and posts that read “Better Orgasms,” but this link seemed a bit more academic and possibly might be worth a look. In the article “Building a Better Female Orgasm” we are introduced to research on the mind-body connection to orgasms and female sexuality being conducted by Dr. Meredith Chivers, director of the “­Sexuality and Gender Lab,” at Queen’s ­University in Canada

Dr. Chivers states “Doctors don’t have a baseline for what “normal” female sexuality looks like.” So how can we know what is “normal?”  At Maze we have found that many of our patients with desire, arousal or orgasm issues are told by their physicians that “That is just the way it is for women.” Really?  Well thankfully Dr. Chivers and her team are working to disprove that dismissive attitude and explore with high tech gadgets to find out more about the workings of the female orgasm.  Sex researchers have historically relied on a combination of genital measurements and written questionnaires (which are dependent upon respondents’ clarity about their desires and honesty about expressing them to scientists).  Dr. Chivers and others are increasingly using eye-trackers, brain scanners, and other gadgets to get a more direct look at our largest sex organ—the brain itself. Such instruments are useful because they can track the desires we hide even from ourselves.

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