She learned to have an orgasm. And so can you.

This was an article written about one of my very favorite patients of all time. She was smart, she was funny, she was warm, she was real and she STUCK WITH IT.

Learning to have an orgasm the first time can be really tricky. It’s like a new pathway the brain needs to learn and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. In the case of this patient together we agreed to blast her with testosterone, for a short period of time, maybe 3 months. Her libido was high, her nerve endings were primed and she was interested enough to make the necessary time to practice with erotica (the brain) and the vibrator (the body). It was such a high for both of us when she had that first orgasm. And yes, as she said, there was absolutely no reason to stay on that level (or any) testosterone once her body had learned what it needed to do, and could do it on its own.

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