What We Can All Learn from Polyamory

I came across an interesting article recently about what we can all learn from polyamory. What is polyamory? Polyamory is defined as “a form of consensual non-monogamy that emphasizes emotional and sexual intimacy with multiple partners simultaneously, ideally with the knowledge of all parties involved.”  While we may not all want to be in a polyamorous relationship, there are certain concepts that can enhance any intimate relationship.  

One concept I found most interesting is to “spread needs around.” Often times when we are in a committed, intimate relationship we are led to believe this person is your “soul mate.” We have the idea that we can get all our physical and emotional needs from that one person.  But if you step back and think about that, how is that possible, and would you really want it to be? 

Connections between people are meant to be unique and isn’t it wonderful how many new and interesting things we can all learn from each other?  I think taking this attitude and recognizing that your intimate partner is not and should not be your only support system (as you should not be the only support system for your partner) will take the burden off of both of you, and allow for you to spend more time on places where you do connect.

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