Sex and the Single Girl in the Digital Age

The story of sex and the single girl is not a new one, but it also is not such an old one either.  “Sex and the City” and a host of other TV shows and movies have opened the door to allow single women to want a satisfying sex life, to have a libido and to talk about sex with each other.  However, with a few notable exceptions there is usually an end goal to having sex…i.e. dating, getting married and never, ever being single again.  

In her new book, Future Sex, Emily Witt tackles sex and the single female in the digital age.  This innovative and amusing book is an investigative look at the modern landscapes of sex, love and so much more.  She writes about enjoying porn, and the fact that in addition to turning her on, it made her feel better about her body, than say a Victoria’s Secret Model.  She spends time with a polyamorous community, tries out orgasmic medication and seems to have a lot of fun along the way. She opens up the idea of sex as something to be desired and enjoyed and not the end goal to not being single.  Whether single or otherwise Future Sex is a creative and enlightening book for anyone who wants to explore a little more about what is actually right at our fingertips.  




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