Great Sex For Your Whole Life: Challenges and Solutions (Pt. 3)

Studies have found that nearly 50% of women will be dissatisfied with their sex lives during some time of their life.  There are many factors that can cause sexual problems, some of which may be tied to the age or life stage of the woman. Here are some common sexual problems women experience in their 50s, and some different ways to address them:

The Fifties 

Problem: Vaginal dryness.

Solution: Ask your doctor if you need estrogen and find a lubricant that you love.  They come in many varieties and flavors.  Make sure that you have a lubrication you use happily.


Problem: Difficulty reaching orgasm or weaker orgasms.

Solution: Talk to your doctor about prescribing buproprion (Wellbutrin), which can be very helpful to some women in this situation.  Now is a great time to explore the world of vibrators if you haven’t yet.  They can make all the difference.


Problem: Pain with intercourse.

Solution: Ask your doctor if you need estrogen.  Order vaginal dilators (online or through your physician’s office) and find the size that you can insert with the minimal amount of pain.  Use the dilator every night for 10 minutes, moving up to the next size in a week to 10 days.  You should be pain free in a matter of weeks.


Problem: Falling into the myth that “sex is for young people.”

Solution: Order Sinclair’s “Sex Through the Ages” video and use this time to have fun and try new things.  You probably have the house to yourself and more time than before so buy some toys, experiment with role playing and don’t worry about making noise.

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